Family’s Nanny Requirements Goes Viral And You Can Only Hope They Didn’t Find A Successful Candidate For Such Exploitation

“If they are not laughing, they are not happy.” This is just one of the many bizarre cherries on top of a cake of weirdness found in a two-page job ad for a “magical” nanny. And after reading it, we’ve got to say, it sounds like the family was looking for someone just like Mary Poppins herself to take care of their kids, considering the huge list of responsibilities, rules, and regulations they demanded. For 13 dollars an hour. (But you probably sensed that the pay was going to be low considering the amount of work, didn’t you, dear Pandas?)

The person who shared the ad was Los Angeles-based actress Hollis Jane Andrews, who interviewed with the couple back in 2013 when she was looking for a job. At the time, she wasn’t aware that they were Scientologists. Her post on Twitter blew up, as people goggled at the “bonkers list of responsibilities” that Hollis would have had to do. Check out the full ad below. Now, we know that nannies are hard-working and very capable, but this is a gateway job ad to The Twilight Zone where you have to be a superhero to survive.

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An actress shared the utterly bizarre two-page job ad full of responsibilities that she got during an interview to be a nanny back in 2013

Image credits: hollis_jane

Image credits: hollis_jane

Image credits: hollis_jane

Image credits: hollis_jane

From the ad, it looks the parents only want to be around their kids when they’re smiling and laughing while all the difficult times are best left for the nanny to handle. Of course, taking care of the kids is just part of the job.

Showing a certain level of historical insensitivity, the parents also expected the nanny to magically transform into a German of certain horrendous beliefs once they were asleep so that she could clean pretty much the entire family home. Again, let me reiterate, for 13 dollars an hour.

I can’t imagine myself being capable of doing even half of all the daily responsibilities, let alone doing this day in, day out. I’d be dead on my feet by mid-day and ready for a long afternoon nap.

The nanny was expected to do everything for 13 dollars per hour

Image credits: hollis_jane

Image credits: hollis_jane

A while back, I’d spoken to a professional nanny who used to get 700 dollars per week for her job, as well as other perks, about why some parents aren’t prepared to provide adequate compensation for babysitters. All the while demanding that they work as though they were getting paid in gold nuggets.

“I think they believe that it’s their child that they are raising the way they want to (which I do agree with, to an extent) and all rules should be blindly followed. But some nannies (like myself) have been in the field for many years and can offer valuable insight and advice, which they are rarely willing to take because parenting is so personal,” she told Bored Panda earlier.

“That’s the same reason I believe they often don’t want to offer adequate compensation: it’s personal. They’re (most likely, in my experience) paying you under the table, they’re trying to get a good deal, and they love their child. They don’t think that looking after their ‘precious angel’ is a job; it’s a treat. They would love to be home with their child all day, so I think they feel like it’s not a real job. It’s something you get to do, and they’re mad they have to pay someone to do it.”

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The nanny continued about the way that some parents tend to think about nannying: “They love their child, they’d do anything for their child. There’s a connection there that someone else could never have, and they can’t imagine not having that connection, so they treat it like it’s not a job, it’s a privilege. The ‘you’re so lucky you get to stay home with my baby while I have to go to work’ mindset, when in reality we leave our families to take care of yours; we don’t want to leave our families in the morning for work any more than you do, but it’s our job.”

Here’s how some Twitter users have been reacting to the list of responsibilities that would probably tire out even the legendary Mary Poppins

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