Fantastic Furniture Design Student Work: Radhika Dhumal's Winged Table

While pursuing a Masters in Furniture Design at India’s National Institute of Design, Radhika Dhumal was trying to come up with a table design and sketched these:

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She spotted an insectoid quality in the sketches, and pursued it further:

This was followed by roughly five weeks in the shop…

…which ultimately yielded this, her Elytra Table:

“The biomimetic, dynamic table’s surfaces are split into four broad parts, including a wooden ‘head’ and ‘body’ as well as two glass-inlay wings that can be opened out simultaneously to expand the table’s surface.”

If it’s not clear from the images, a hidden mechanism (I’m assuming toothed gears) in the ‘head’ links the motion of the ‘wings,’ so that deploying one, deploys the other.

Dhumal won an A’Design Award for the project. Today she has her Masters in hand and is working as a furniture designer in Bengaluru, India.

Source: core77

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

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