Fascinating Production Method: Hot Wire Extensions

Looking at these non-digitally-fabricated objects, could you tell how they were manufactured?

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Switzerland-based designer and material researcher Fabio Hendry devised a new production method to create them. Both the method and his company have the same name: Hot Wire Extensions.

“Exploration and sustainability are central to our philosophy and the Hot Wire Extensions process is conceived with this in mind,” the company writes. “Using waste SLS 3D nylon powder, a material that is currently not recycled, and inspired by the way a vine grows around a tree, we reuse the material to create organic bone-like structures built around a wire.”

“The process starts by creating a shape using nichrome wire, which sits within a container. The container is then filled with Hot Wire Extensions’ unique formula of nylon powder and sand. An electric current is sent through the wire, causing the surrounding nylon to melt and grow around the form. The longer the current flows, the larger the fused material becomes leading to endless flexibility in length and width.”

“The process is made possible through the collaboration with [eyewear manufacturer] Götti Switzerland who supply us with waste nylon material.”

There’s a fascinating glimpse of the process (video unembeddable) here.

Source: core77

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

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