Fast Food French Fries, Ranked

LA Times’ Lucas Kwan Peterson ranked different fast food’s french fries. He explained his criteria for choosing the different food chains to be ranked and the judging criteria for the fries each establishment offered:

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For the purposes of this survey, I’ve selected chains where there’s an emphasis on speed of service, you’re not waited on at a table, and where there are at least a couple hundred locations, if not more.

I ordered medium- or regular-sized fries (when available) and judged them based on the two metrics: (1) taste and (2) texture, which includes fry shape and mouthfeel.

The resulting french fries ranking is as follows:

    1. Five Guys

   2. Mc Donald’s

   3.Del Taco

   4. Steak ‘n Shake

   5. Arby’s

   6. Carl’s Jr.

   7. Dairy Queen

   8. Wendy’s

   9. Shake Shack

   10. Burger King

   11. Chick Fil-A

   12. KFC

   13. Jack in the Box

   14. Popeye’s

   15. Wienershnitzel

   16. Jollibee

   17. Rally’s

   18. Sonic

19. In-N-Out

Do you agree with his rankings? Head on over to LA Times  to read Peterson’s detailed explanation for each ranking.   

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Image Credit: (Lucas Kwan Peterson / Stephen Lurvey)

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