Featured Artist Anthony David West

Anthony David West’s portfolio displays the beauty and strength of wildlife interpreted through the lens of his camera. Find more of his work on his website.


lion photograph by Anthony David West

“Majestic White Lion” photography, various sizes

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From natural curiosity and interest, to the passion and craft that is fine art photography……


penguin photograph by Anthony David West

“Solitary Penguin” photography, various sizes


In Army quarters in Nigeria with a canary and a parrot as pets, my family were often asked to foster wild animals at risk. This included a couple of monkeys whose mother had died of rabies. Less welcome guests such as snakes, including the venomous green mamba, had occasion to visit our garden!


photograph of a beach with penguins by Anthony David West

“Crowded Beach at Boulders Bay” photography, various sizes


I spent trips with my father observing both wild and domestic animals. This enabled me to get close to different species from the beautiful Rajah Brooke butterfly in the Malayan Peninsula to the large Nigerian red headed agama lizard.


photograph of a water bird by Anthony David West

“Australasian Gliding Gannet” photography, various sizes


These teenage experiences using a Konica rangefinder camera created a spark of interest in photography. It was the beginning of something special and significant in my life.


leopard photograph by Anthony David West

“Dreamy Leopard” photography, various sizes


Following a transition to digital photography, I continued my interest of the natural world—in particular, lions, tigers, leopards and jaguars. By creating fine art from beyond what is merely in front of the camera, I produced a watercolour or brushed effect.

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photograph of a tiger by Anthony David West

“Endearing Tiger” photography, various sizes


Through this medium I visualise and aspire to define their beauty, power, markings, character, colour, habits and other splendid qualities.


photograph of a lion by Anthony David West

“The Prankster” photography, various sizes


I relish my time spent creating these images through the lens. As I become immersed in their world, I’m overwhelmed by their magnificence and they evoke my passion to produce artwork that portrays them.


photograph of Red Deer by Anthony David West

“Red Deer Relaxing in the Bush” photography, various sizes


Over the last ten years, I have been lucky enough to travel widely visiting family in New Zealand, South Africa, the United States and Europe.  I’ve put together a portfolio of images including lions, tigers, leopards, jaguars, African penguins, red deer, peaceful and deafening seascapes, landscapes and cityscapes. These are available to purchase via my website.


photograph of a white tiger by Anthony David West

“Mythical White Tiger” photograph, various sizes


All my work is finished to an extremely high standard. I use giclee printing on museum grade digital fine art Hahnemühle papers. These can be complimented by professionally handmade frames or printed on canvas.


photograph of a Jaguar by Anthony David West

“Pensive Jaguar” photography, various sizes


Since the end of the lockdown, I have built an association with the Big Cats Sanctuary in Smarden, Kent. There I’ve had the privilege of photographing these endangered species. I am keen to raise awareness of the issues these animals continually face and recognise the important work that the charity does. With that in mind, a donation from each sale of my work is willingly made to ensure that this safe environment is protected.


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