Featured Artist Janette Doyle

Artist Janette Doyle presents a collection of paintings that capture the stunning natural beauty of her native Australia. See more of her portfolio by visiting her website.


painting of a koala by Janette Doyle

“Dreamtime – Koala” acrylic, 24″ x 36″

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As a young child, I frequently drew and coloured. On leaving high school, I had not chosen a career. Although my parents knew I exceled in art, they didn’t think I could make an income from it, so I followed some of my friends into nursing. My parents approved of my decision as they felt it was a worthwhile career. I studied away from home, putting art at the back of my mind.


painting of a Kookaburra by Janette Doyle

“A little attitude – Kookaburra” acrylic, 30″ x 20″


I completed my nursing training and came home to work in a local hospital where I met my future husband. After having children, I started paying attention to some of the paintings and prints on my own walls and began exploring art once more. I discovered that if I used light and shade in its proper place, it would become 3D. I bought myself some canvas, acrylic paints and brushes and taught myself to paint.


painting of a pelican by Janette Doyle

“Evening on the Estuary – Pelican” acrylic, 24″ x 36″


In 2011, I decided to do some formal art training, which I did part-time over four years, all while continuing to nurse. My art instructors forced me to paint with oils. I had never used oil before and I found it totally different than painting with acrylics.


painting of Lorikeets by Janette Doyle

“Happy Hour – Lorikeets” acrylic, 24″ x 18″


It was so frustrating learning to wait until the paint finally dried and learning how to layer using oils in order to bring more colour and depth into a piece.


Australian landscape painting by Janette Doyle

“Craig’s Hut” acrylic, 60″ x 24″


I was also introduced to oil mediums which I hadn’t used before. Now my choice of medium is oil, as I find I can manipulate the paint a lot longer than when I using acrylics. I also like the fact that oil paint reacts in a different way.

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painting of ferns by Janette Doyle

“Steavensons Ferns” acrylic, 40″ x 30″


Since then, I have entered many exhibitions and art shows, winning many awards, prizes and peoples’ choice awards. It was so gratifying watching my dad hover around my artwork at an exhibition, listening to the positive comments from the public and exclaiming I was his daughter! Both my parents have passed now, but they were very proud of my painting abilities.


painting of a koala by Janette Doyle

“On the lookout – Koala” oil, 20″ x 30″


I prefer to paint wildlife, but I have many clients ask for commissions of their favourite pet. I’ve also branched out into painting portraits.


painting of a Kookaburra by Janette Doyle

“Sitting Pretty – Kookaburra” acrylic, 24″ x 36″


Sometimes if I am inspired by a particular person, I will paint their portrait and surprise them with it for no reason other than to watch their response and make them feel cherished and loved.


painting of flamingos by Janette Doyle

“Curious Reflections – Flamingos” oil, 24″ x 36″


Recently I was commissioned to paint a portrait of a boy who had passed away at age fifteen. The client requested that this boy be painted in the arms of Jesus. I received a beautiful message back that his parents had shrunk a copy of the painting and embedded it into their precious son’s gravestone. I was most humbled and honoured by what they had done.


self portrait by Janette Doyle

“Nette” (self portrait) oil, 24″ x 34″


I love creating art that brings people peace and that also brings them closer to nature. It gives them a glimpse of what God is really like when He created the Earth, animals and plants. I cherish the fact that one day I will meet Him face to face.


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