Featured Artist Kim Ramsey

Inspired by the beauty of the natural world, artist Kim Ramsey shares its healing power through her photography. See more by visiting her website.


photograph of a beach

“Seafoam Beach” photography, various sizes

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My life changed recently when my brother’s friend saw one of my photographs hanging on his wall. She wrote a check commissioning me to capture her lakeside home’s view to showcase in her living room. I shifted from taking photos for my own joy to a passion for sharing the beauty I witness and feel with others so they too can experience the magic of life.


photograph of a goldfish by Kim Ramsey

“I See You” photography, various sizes


As a child, my walks in nature were memorable moments of connecting with the Divine. I felt the unseen Presence behind all of existence. Years later, with my smartphone in hand, I found great joy on my daily walks. I discovered treasures waiting to be seen and appreciated.


photo of a sunset by Kim Ramsey

“Focus” photography, various sizes


Every day was a fresh canvas where God painted the sky, revealing other worlds to be experienced. Snapshots delivered a message, sometimes in the form of a poem or a simple invitation to let go, simply be and feel the essence within.


photogrpah of a cloudy sunset by Kim Ramsey

“Sunset Respite” photograph, various sizes


After years of receiving encouraging feedback from friends and family and finding tremendous joy in playing with this art form, I decided to take some classes at the iPhone Photo Academy School.


photograph of a jetty by Kim Ramsey

“Journey’s End” photography, various sizes


I began to learn about editing techniques which brought another dimension of discovery. I have so much fun fine-tuning my images to reflect the subtleties I feel when I first encountered them. These are the beginning stages of the creative process. I am excited about continuing to learn and evolve my art.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.


landscape photograph by Kim Ramsey

“Open to the Light” photography, various sizes


Healing magic fills our natural world! As I began to witness my images touching people’s hearts, I dreamt of my work displayed in hospitals, nursing homes, doctor’s offices, even corporate spaces where the harmonious beauty of nature could touch and heal hearts.


photography of a river by Kim Ramsey

“Peaceful Passage” photography, various sizes


That dream has come through. Through HealingPhotoArt.org, one of my images is in a Nepal hospital. I’ve also been accepted with GreatAmericanArt.com, where I hope other enterprises and healing centers will soon find me.


photogrpah of blossoms by Kim Ramsey

“Vitality” photography, various sizes


It is such an honor to be selected as a featured artist with Artsy Shark. Though I’ve been taking pictures for years, it’s only recently that I’ve emerged as an artist ready to share my work with the world.


photography of a rocky shore by Kim Ramsey

“Rocky Shore” photography, various sizes


As I grow as an artist, I’m choosing to stay with my iPhone’s simplicity as my tool. It is always with me, ready for those spontaneous moments of connection.


photography of trees by Kim Ramsey

“Guardians” photography, various sizes


Taking pictures is a personal communion with my everyday world. I have a passion for sharing the magic with others so they too can feel the beauty inherent everywhere!


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