“Female Living Space”: This Online Group Shows Women’s Cozy Homes And These Are 50 Of The Most Amazing Ones

They say that men make houses and women make homes, meaning that women have the ability to turn something that’s just a place into an inviting environment providing safety and comfort. Some may say that this stereotype is outdated, but women do have a tendency to make their environments cozy and aesthetic. 

You can feel the warmth radiating from the pictures that people took of women’s homes and shared in a subreddit called Female Living Spaces. It is dedicated to women showing the corners of their house that make them happy and proud that they were able to create. It’s also a pretty good source of inspiration if you think your home needs some updating.

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#1 This Week I Finished Building My Built In Book Cases! I’m In Love ?

Image credits: BourbonPecan314

The subreddit has 556k members who joined since its foundation in 2012 and is described as a place “Where the women (& enbies if they want to) live!” The subreddit features pictures of women’s homes, their DIY projects, progress and before and after pictures as well as questions and advice requests.

There is a stereotype that women are better at decorating homes and it comes from the notion that women are supposed to take care of the home, maintain cleanliness and make sure that it feels inviting. 

Maybe being forced to do that made women develop an eye for design, but men can equally well create put-together spaces that correspond with a certain style, that have color coordination and mixed textures.

#2 Happy With My Bed. ?

Image credits: auradasos

#3 I Built A Floating Deck. My Husband Said It Wouldn’t Work, So I Did I By Myself While He Was Out Of Town

Image credits: Benevolent_Grouch

Interior design is truly a skill that can be acquired and you don’t even need to go to school for that as there are plenty of guides online that will help you to create a certain feel that you want or achieve a style that you like. 

But you need to know what you want. That is truly the most important step – whether you want a certain color palette or have a certain aesthetic in mind or just an adjective of how you would like to feel in your space.

During the pandemic when some of our offices transferred to our homes, we realised how important it is to make our homes feel welcoming. Jade from Australia is one of these people. She posted the pink utensil photo in the subreddit and shared her thoughts about interior design as well.

#4 My Cosy Little Attic Bedroom This Morning 🙂

Image credits: PsyFaerie

#5 Bruce’s Reading Nook

Image credits: SisVicious3216

Jade told us that she likes decorating in general as “[She] works from home, so [she] wants [her] space to feel fresh and manageable.” The woman takes her inspiration from “Instagram, Architecture Digest, taking note of how cafes and shops decorate, movies, places [she’s] travelled to, everything!”

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After taking in others’ ideas, Jade turns them into something of her own because in her opinion, “you can tell when someone has completely copied a look, it always comes off as insincere and false.”

#6 Other Than My Lack Of Bed Frame, I’m Pretty Proud Of My Bedroom

Image credits: scavengergod

#7 Half Of My Loft In NYC – Shades Of Pale Pink And Greens

Image credits: Donterre

When you figure what you want and find your inspiration, This Old House says that it all begins at the front door. You can make it as fun as you want, reflecting your personality and taste. Then they advise sticking to neutral colors for the wall inside because “Neutral walls give you the greatest decorating flexibility, allowing you to easily switch up your accessories. And if you have two small rooms next to each other, painting them the same neutral color helps them feel larger.”

A big part of home decor is the furniture and Michelle Lynne, a Dallas-based stager, discourages people from putting the furniture against the walls, “People do that because they think it will make their room look bigger, but in reality, floating the furniture away from the walls makes the room feel larger.”

A place that can be often forgotten when decorating is the kitchen as it’s a space that needs to be more practical than beautiful, but there are things to do to make it more inviting, such as letting more light in by removing heavy drapes.

Lighting in general has a big impact on how the home looks and This Old House explains that “Every room should have three kinds of lighting: ambient, which provides overall illumination and often comes from ceiling fixtures; task, which is often found over a kitchen island or a reading nook; and accent, which is more decorative, highlighting, say, artwork.“

#8 I Painted This Wall Mural For My Beautiful Little Girl. This Is Her First Time Sleeping In Her Finished Room. ??

Image credits: blueberryzigzag

#9 I Went To Visit My 92year Old Friend, Mary. She Was An Interior Designer. She Gave Me Permission To Share. Isn’t It Darling?!?!

Image credits: Tasselplants

Another trick is to hang mirrors in every room because mirrors not only double up the space but it also bounces the light around the room, making it look brighter. 

If you want to fill the blank wall with something else, artwork is a good option, but it must be hung at eye level and if you are composing a group of paintings or prints, 2 to 4 inches between items usually looks best.

A really easy way to make a room feel cozier and warmer is to put a rug down, but it can look out of place. The reason for it may be because the rule of thumb is that at least the front two legs of a sofa or chairs must be on the rug and it should encompass the whole seating area.

#10 The Reading Nook In My Lady Lair

Image credits: TimebombTinaOfficial

#11 My Cozy Little Bathroom

Image credits: Kfurt13

It could be that you want to redecorate your home to freshen it up and will buy something to give it a new accent, but in some cases it’s better to actually declutter and remove things instead of putting in more. 

Also, nothing screams refresh more than a fresh layer of paint. The cabinets might get a completely different look if you just swap the hardware and if that old chandelier’s metal is chipping, there are spray paints in every metal color to fix that.

My Move reminds us that “Decorating your new home is a marathon, not a sprint.” You don’t need to do it in one go because “As you spend more time in your new home, you’ll get to know it better. You may have new ideas on how you want a room to look and function a few months down the road.”

But they mention the things you want to think about eventually and some of them coincide with the ones that This Old House listed: splashes of accent color, flooring/carpets, storage/organization, accent tables, lighting, textiles like pillows and throws, wall art, and window treatments.

#12 One Wall Of My Study Ft. My Pup

Image credits: cookiekb

#13 “Female Living Space” For My 1 Year Old Daughter

Image credits: Rururaspberry

A few more tips and tricks from Pure Wow are “pendants should hover roughly 3 feet above surfaces”, “mix mediums in a gallery wall”, “Karate chop your pillows”, “no TV in the bedroom” and more as they list 50 of them in this article.

You may want to consider feng shui, which is “an ancient Chinese art of arranging buildings, objects, and space in an environment to achieve harmony and balance in a way that will bring peace and prosperity.” It has very specific requirements, like not hanging a mirror across the front door or not having a bedroom above the garage, which has to do not only with decorating and design, but also with the feel of the home.

#14 Went A Daring Route And Painted My Dining Room Pink ??

Image credits: ashforzley

#15 Just Got My Living Room Set Up After A Move!

Image credits: infinitehangout

Jade also has a few pieces of advice to keep in mind when decorating your space, “Make it feel like you, it should be a representation of who you are. I think you can get a sense of a person the minute you walk into their home. Also, balance aesthetic with function – it’s a house not a museum. Declutter often, and be ruthless. I do an assessment every 6 months or so, really step back and ask myself ‘do I really need this/use this?’ And then know that IG/TikTok can be good sources for inspiration, but have the confidence to do your own thing – those people will never meet you, trends come and go but authenticity is forever. Finally no corny messages in wooden lettering – if you need to be reminded to ‘live laugh love’ you have a problem.”

#16 My Favorite Area Of My Condo

Image credits: Zealousideal-Self722

#17 How Have I Just Discovered This Sub!? Hope To Find Some Women Who Love Pink As Much As I Do!

Image credits: Electrical_Tomato

During the pandemic, when many of us were forced to stay at home, we discovered the joys of decorating and making yourself happy with arranging the space around you that feels the best. It seems that women on this subreddit really have the hang of it and we would like to hear your opinions. Let us know which one of these homes you would like to live in and if you find decorating your living space enjoyable!

#18 I Can’t Stop Taking Pictures Of My Craft Room, Just Look At That Gorgeous Lighting

Image credits: monikafterhours

#19 Bought My First Home As A Single Mom. Making It Girly As Possible

Image credits: BigMomSloppers

#20 Posted A Few Months Ago And Got Some Good Tips To Make My New Flat Feel More Cosy! Really Feel Like It’s Coming Together 🙂

Image credits: squiral-

#21 Morning Sunlight ?

Image credits: oftheearth_

#22 My Little Adobe Home

Image credits: zuzuofthewolves

#23 My Girl Ruby Enjoying Her New (Female) Living Space

Image credits: dondestalolo

#24 I Painted My Plant Room Green ?

Image credits: gggvuv7bubuvu

#25 My First Place By Myself. Small But Mine :,)

Image credits: -orangutang-

#26 UFO Theme But Make It ~tasteful~

Image credits: dr_horriblub

#27 My Sun Kissed Bedroom Ft. My Best Friend

Image credits: omgitsmechelsea

#28 My Apartment Living Room In Wicker Park, Chicago (Built In 1887)

Image credits: level_5_vegan

#29 My Cozy Living Room. 🙂

Image credits: BisexualSpiders

#30 So, Here’s How It Turned. How’d We Do?

Image credits: mcyonce

#31 Just Finished To Decorate My Balcony And I’m In Love!

Image credits: misspinato

#32 My Craftroom +dining Space – Festive Edition

Image credits: monikafterhours

#33 Decorated My Balcony! Ready For Summer. (After & Before Pic)

Image credits: miss_finliscious

#34 I Thrifted This Super Cool Gilt Screen A Few Months Ago And Have Had It In My Bedroom But Decided To Haul It Into My Pink Living Room So I Can Admire It More Hours In A Day

Image credits: damestillmen

#35 Girls Don’t Want A Boyfriend Girls Want A Nice Kitchen With Matching Pink Utensils

Image credits: rljada

#36 I’m Not Looking For Help Or Constructive Criticism. I Just Want To Share My Space That Makes Me Happy…

Image credits: reddit.com

#37 My First Apartment/Living Alone For The First Time! I’ve Been Dreaming Of Having My Own Space My Whole Life And It’s Even Better Than I Imagined It

Image credits: grillers-sinclair

#38 Pls Ignore Me In The Mirrors, But Just Found This Sub And Wanted To Share Some Spaces! 🙂

Image credits: lexi_g17

#39 Piecing Together A Place That Feels Like Me

Image credits: BrattyB11

#40 My Cozy Little Apartment

Image credits: Glass_Error88

#41 Wanted To Post Another Pic Of A Space I’m Happy With! Got The Chair Yesterday After Looking For A While For Something To Go In The Corner

Image credits: kpohlman123

#42 Big Thank You To Everyone For Your Help! My Hobby Room Is Now Finished!

Image credits: cinnabunniii

#43 I Love My Little Jungalow

Image credits: PsyFaerie

#44 Made A Few More Small Updates To My Maximalist Apartment

Image credits: spiritedmaple

#45 I Moved Into An Apartment With Wood Panelling, But I Honestly Love It. Finally Got A Big Gallery Wall Up!

Image credits: annab52

#46 Thought You Lovelies Would Enjoy This Cute Heart Desk I Came Across On Fb!!

Image credits: moonlightpsyche_

#47 My Place After 1 Year Of Living. Let Me Know What You Love/Hate!

Image credits: No-Seat-3369

#48 Hello, Autumn

Image credits: OstentatiousChicken

#49 My Bright, Maximalist Bedroom

Image credits: Bikini_Atroll

#50 Work In Progress, But I Love It Already♥︎

Image credits: misspinato

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