Festool to Release a Cordless Portable Table Saw

Festool has announced the CSC SYS 50, a cordless jobsite table saw that runs on two 18V batteries. Portable, the design actually fits into one of their Systainers, and the company says the two batteries are enough to turn the motor at up to 6,800 RPM. It weighs 15kg (33 lbs.).

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The saw allows rip cuts at a maximum width of 280mm (11″) and can cross-cut pieces up to 450mm (17 3/4″) in width. The maximum blade height is 48mm (1 7/8″) at 0°; the blade can be tilted from -10° to 47°, and you can make miter cuts up to 70°.

It comes with a dust collection bag that attaches to a dust port; alternatively you can hook it up to a dust collector.

While setting the fence is up to you, the blade height and angle are set digitally, using a dial.

Here’s the saw in action:

The saw will be released in February, at least in Europe; the listed price in the UK starts at £1,532 (USD $1,853). Adding the underframe seen in the photos below bumps the price up to £1,833 (USD $2,216). There’s no word on a U.S. release date.

It’s worth noting that Festool’s parent company, TTS Tooltechnic Systems, acquired SawStop in 2017. However, the CSC SYS 50 does not appear to contain SawStop’s safety technology.

Source: core77

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