Festool's Circular Saw with Two Blades (One for Scoring)

Festool’s TSV 60 K is a circular saw designed with a second blade. Ahead of the main blade is a small diamond scoring blade, ensuring tearout-free cuts.

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Additionally, the tool is equipped with a KickbackStop feature: Should the blade start to back out of the cut and raise the plate, it triggers what appears to be a spring-loaded lever (see in the video below) that cuts the power.

The TSV 60 K is, for now, Euro-market only. For America they are offering a TS 60 K model, but note the lack of a “V” (presumably for veneer) in the model name; while both models have the same 60mm cutting depth and the KickbackStop feature, the V-less model just has a single lonely blade.

Festool USA does, however, sell this Pizza Cutter. (Not joking, click the link.)

Source: core77

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