Feuding Neighbor Gets Revenge In A Way Only Google Earth Can See

Some people like to develop close relationships with their neighbors so they can feel like they’re part of a tight knit community, others (like myself) will be very nice to their neighbors but don’t really feel the need to be friends.

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And then there are those a-holes who pick fights with all of their neighbors, disrupt and disturb the neighborhood and give their neighbors hell until the situation turns into a full blown feud.

But in this case the feud all started because Cindy & Brian Zechenelly built a garage apartment on their Clallam County, Washington property then painted the garage purple, which their anal-retentive neighbors claim is lowering the value of their homes.

So rather than minding their own business and leaving the Zechenelly’s alone neighbor Brian Juel decided to mow the word “A-HOLE” into the grass so it could be seen and photographed by Google Earth.

So who’s the real a-hole here- the neighbor who dared to be free with color on their own property, or the neighbor so angry about a purple garage they had to resort to petty name calling via yard work?

-Via AWM

Source: neatorama

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