Fidel Castro And His Miraculous Bovine

For all their love of dairy, Cubans have always remained starved for milk. In the tumultuous history of necessity, invention and recurring dearth, no scientist nor entrepreneur of the highest intelligence could save the country. Only a cow, singular in her kind, ever came close to satiating the hunger of millions, and of course, their milk-craving president.

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1987 picture of Ubre Blanca cow, stuffed inside a glass box, in a cow ranch East of Havana. Photo: STR/AFP via Getty Images

Her name was Ubre Blanca and she was unlike any cow that ever walked on earth. With her titular white udders she single-handedly revolutionised Cuba’s dairy culture, albeit temporarily. So famous did this bovine become that her name would be chanted in the same breath with Fidel Castro, Cuba’s revolutionary leader, for decades to come.

But how did that happen?


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