Find the Best Canvas Pad For Taking Your Painting on the Road


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Conventional canvases are generally made from natural fibers woven together, such as linen or cotton, and then stretched over a frame or glued to the panel. A good, portable alternative are canvas pads, which contain either cotton canvas that’s been primed and cut into sheets or primed paper with a texture resembling fabric. Rougher sheets are best suited for artists who prefer wide, bold brushstrokes, while smoother sheets best support fine detailing; depending on how their surfaces are prepared, they can handle mediums as diverse as pastels, oil paints, acrylics, and watercolor. But no matter how great your paint, charcoal, or pens may be, if your canvas pad is not of first quality, the finished artwork will never reach its full potential. A worthy canvas pad absorbs without bleeding, spreads without excess smudging, and boasts a fine texture. ARTnews has compiled below a selection of canvas pads to help you find the most appropriate option.

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