Find the Best Graphite Transfer Paper for Every Use

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Want to transfer your your drawings onto another surface or use a found photograph or printed image in an artwork? Try using graphite transfer paper. Transfer paper is a great tool for speeding up your art-making process. It works the same way as carbon paper to transfer your images, but is made especially for use by artists and designers. While carbon paper leaves lines that stay put, unwaxed graphite transfer paper lays down a line that’s erasable and won’t bleed through paint (though watercolor artists should note that some watercolors can set graphite, making the lines permanent). Simply slip a sheet of graphite paper between your image and the drawing surface with the graphite-covered side facing downward and use a sharp-tipped pencil or pen to trace over the contours of the image. Voilà! The image will appear on your drawing surface, ready for color washes or shading treatments. Graphite paper can leave residue on your hands, so wash them after using to avoid smudging your work. Browse our roundup of the best graphite transfer papers below.

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