Find the Glasses on the Bed

Unless your glasses have thick, dark rims, you might want to skip buying sheets or bed covers with a busy pattern. Redditor hexafocal looked for his glasses for three hours before he found them -a task we all know is harder when you aren’t wearing your glasses. He posted this image to the subreddit AccidentalCamouflage to show us how hard it was to find them. I had to enlarge the picture twice to find them, and I’m wearing my glasses! This is one reason I keep an older pair around for emergency use. To be fair, Hexafocal would have found them faster if he’d remembered that he left them on the bed, then at least he could have felt around with his hands. If you decide to give up the hunt, here they are with the ever helpful red circle. Even then, you might need to put on yopur glasses to see them. -via Digg

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Source: neatorama

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