Fingerprint Wedding Band Trend Lets Couples Carry a Personal Touch of Their Partner

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Customized wedding bands have been a popular alternative to readymade rings for a while now. In the past, these personalized pieces usually featured minimal alterations, like unique stone placement or subtle interior engravings. Now, however, customers have gotten a bit more creative, as particularly evident in the growing trend of the fingerprint ring.

Recently, this phenomenon gained attention on Reddit, where user Im_High_Tech shared a photo of his wedding ring, a white gold band adorned with a simplified engraving of his wife’s fingerprint. Inspired by a wooden version he had come across in the past, he came up with a one-of-a-kind way to make his wedding vows even more personal. “Several years ago, I saw some guy made a similar design using wood and I thought it would be great to make my wedding band more unique than the stuff you buy at the store,” he explains on Reddit. “So I got in contact with a company online that designs custom jewelry, and asked them to make it out of white gold with black plating on the ridges.”

His picture-perfect post was well-received, with numerous users expressing a desire to follow suit for their own nuptials. Additionally, his photo prompted others to share images of their own fingerprint rings, solidifying this romantic gesture’s role as a a up-and-coming trend.

If you’re interested in customizing your own fingerprint ring, you’ll be happy to know that there is no shortage of sites offering the service. For a simple and straightforward design, try Etsy shop CandyHandicraft. If you desire a more artistic aesthetic, check out JubileJewel. And, for even more one-of-a-kind, love-themed creations, wander around Amazon’s new wedding shop.

Recently, a new trend has popped up in the realm of personalized jewelry: the fingerprint wedding band.

Each fingerprint ring features the print of the wearer’s new husband or wife.

Like all customized creations, these rings come in a range of styles.

Fingerprint Ring Fingerprint Wedding Band Customized Jewelry

Photo: Kehrnal

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