First Medieval Medical Schools

The practice of medicine has been around for centuries even going as far back as the ancient era, although admittedly not all these practices were as scientific and rigorous as with medical practice today since we have the advantage of technology on our side and people back then still relied on superstition.

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Still though, it was during the Medieval era when the first medical schools were established. Physicians received formal training and education in order to diagnose diseases and prescribe the proper treatment for them.

The Schola Medica Salernitana was founded in the 9th century in the Southern Italian city of Salerno. In 1050 one of its teachers Gariopontus wrote the Passionarius, one of the earliest written records of Western Medicine as we would recognise it. Gariopontus drew on the teachings of Galen (c. 129-199 CE) and latinised Greek terms. In doing so he formed the basis of several modern medical terms such as cauterise.

The medical school published a number of treatises such as work by a woman called Trotula on childbirth and uterine prolapse and work on the management of cranial and abdominal wounds.

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