Fish Suck; Ze Frank Shows Us How

Remember back in 1979 when you first saw the movie Alien and were horrified to see that the xenomorph queen had another set of jaws inside her jaws? That is actually pretty common sight in the world of fish, not restricted to the goblin shark we’ve seen before. Ze Frank introduces us to a variety of fish who appear to turn themselves inside-out to reach out for something good to eat. Nature is metal.  

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Anyway, that’s only the first few minutes of this video. It’s actually another edition of Ze Frank’s Animal Awards, which this time mostly go to the weird ways of fish, but also include birds and one strangely unlucky frog. As usual for the True Facts series, this video can be considered NSFW. There’s also a one-minute skippable ad at the five minute mark. In case you missed them, you can watch the previous editions of Ze Frank’s Animal Awards.

Source: neatorama

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