Fit a Weekend Trip Into One Backpack

In an ideal world, I could pack for several weeks worth of travel into one small backpack, which if you’re bringing your normal essentials could potentially be impossible. Thankfully, there’s a world out there full of designers trying to make it so we can, all the while creating products we would want in our lives regardless of whether it saves us space. Whether you’re going on a short weekend getaway or a week-long vacation, several of these items will help you save more room for the bulkier things you just have to bring along (like these guys). 

A Scrunchable Waterproof Backpack

This is definitely a design we’ve seen before, but that hasn’t stopped this backpack from making a killing on Kickstarter due to its water resistant Cordura build, range of colors, and the fact that it can be tucked away into a little pocket if you ever don’t need it. This backpack is best used as a daypack rather than for a long getaway, so I would recommend to use just for a short weekend.

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Folding Sunglasses

Ray Ban Wayfarers are some of the most classic sunglasses out there, and their cleverly engineered compact counterpart have been available for years—so how come you don’t have any yet?

A Good iPad Keyboard

If you must lug technology on your getaway, might we suggest not bringing your hefty laptop. Instead, an iPad along with one of these guys from ZAGG. This keyboard is not only cheap, it’s also purported to last on one charge for weeks (available for all iPad varieties). 

Clothing That Stays Clean In the Elements

This brand is pretty great in that it creates clothing that’s sweat and odor resistant, hydrophobic, and most importantly, fashionable. So if you do decide to bring one change of clothes on that weekend excursion, we won’t tell anyone (available for men & women).

A Small But Mighty Speaker

Buying a small speaker doesn’t mean you have to compromise good sound, and this one from Ultimate Ears by Logitech goes above and beyond. The device picks up subtleties of sound recordings and is surprisingly loud for such a compact size while offering all of this at a very reasonable price (oh, and it’s waterproof).

A Reliable Portable Charger

This very affordable charger is great because it’s easy to throw in the side compartment of a backpack (it’s even smaller than an iPhone) and will provide you with almost 2 full charges, making it perfect for a short camping trip. If you’re looking for even more juice a care a little less about size, this charger upgrade provides 5 full phone charges! 

Camping Towels Aren’t Just for Camping

A fast-drying towel for your beach trips and motel stays where you’d rather not touch the provided towels.

An Ultra-Packable Sleeping Bag

Who knew a sleeping bag could be this small (and here’s another option if you’re looking for something like this on the cheap).

Palm Sized Watercolor Set

For those leisurely hours on your trip, take a break from the usual Wacom work and create something beautiful with these watercolors.

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