Five Food Crops to Give Us a Diet for a Hotter Climate

As the earth warms up, we have to think about our global food supply and the crops that feed nearly eight billion people. The world’s crops are now dominated by wheat, corn, and rice. Large parts of the US grow nothing but one variety of corn year after year, depleting the land and causing erosion. Single species food is particularly vulnerable to climate change. If we can’t quickly heal the land and stabilize global temperatures, what will we eat in the future? Yeah, you’ve heard about insects, but plant crops will be necessary to sustain human society.

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Scientists are looking to the past, to crops that already flourish under harsh conditions, but never made it to the global table. Yet. Four of them are traditional crops that are candidates for diversifying our agriculture, plus there’s a crop called Kernza that has been developed for the specific purpose of dealing with climate change. Kernza is a perennial wheat grass that doesn’t require a farmer to buy seed, till the soil, or replant every year. Read about all five of these agricultural wonders at the Guardian.  -via Digg

(Image credit: Dehaan)

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