Five Historical Rulers Assassinated on the Toilet

If you come at the king, you should do it while he’s on the toilet. It happened in Game of Thrones, and there are historical precedents. It makes sense, since one is most vulnerable when relieving oneself, and that’s the time a powerful man is most likely to be completely alone.

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Take the story of poor Jaromír, who was briefly the duke of Bohemia twice in the 11th century. Jaromír’s older brother Boleslaus III was duke before him, and was quite paranoid about his younger brothers’ ambitions. He had Jaromír castrated and exiled. That really set off the family squabbles, and Jaromír and his younger brother Oldřich spent the rest of their lives trying to take the dukedom from Boleslaus, each other, and the forces of the king of Poland. Jaromír was ultimately blinded on orders from Oldřich and imprisoned, where he was speared through one night while on the toilet.

Read that story and those of four other rulers who were offed while doing their business at Amusing Planet. It’s not always good to be the king.

Source: neatorama

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