Flight Mode with Travel Photographer Carley Rudd

Flight Mode with Travel Photographer Carley Rudd

Learning what someone packs in their suitcase is like the traveler’s version of taking a peek at someone’s medicine cabinet – you can’t help but be curious, even if you have your own tried and true favorites. For our series we’re asking our favorite travel experts, creatives, and frequent flyers what they consider their non-negotiable essentials when taking off to a new place. Carley Rudd, a travel photographer whose Instagram feed is full of magical destinations, has a way of capturing the quiet, unnoticed beauty of a city, whether she’s discovering it for the first time or seeing it for a third. Since she’s often on the go, we trust that what she considers essentials are items worth checking out. She shares her her top nine in this Flight Mode.

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Lunya Sleep Mask
I love the washable silk sleep mask from Lunya. I’m on the go so much sleeping between flights, Airbnbs, and hotels and this is a miracle worker for a great night’s sleep.

LaCie Rugged External Hard Drive
I always travel with a couple of these to keep my photography files backed up. I’ve tried a few different brands but this one is my go-to.

Wifi anywhere I go! This has been such a life saver when I need reliable, fast wifi (especially for transferring big files). I pay for the unlimited monthly subscription if I know I’ll be traveling a lot that month and it works all around the world.

No-Jet-Lag Homeopathic Tablets
I found these in Australia and they honestly really work! Now I can’t travel without them. They really help cut down on the effects of jet-lag without any hard side-effects.

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask
My skin can get really dry and stressed-out when I’m spending a lot of time in the air and this mask has been a skin-saver! I’ll apply a thin layer during an overseas flight (and drink a ton of water) to help keep my skin feeling and looking hydrated and refreshed.

Summersalt’s “All Wrapped Up Scarf”
Flights can be freezing, and weather can be unpredictable. I always travel with a scarf and love these ones from Summersalt. Plus you can use one to lay down in the sand or in a park for a place to sit or they can come in handy if you’re visiting more modest areas or religious sites.

Camera Gear
I travel with all my essentials but I also love bringing along a Polaroid camera to snap a few fun candids. The Fuji Instax Square is my go-to right now. The instant photos can be a great gift to offer some of the locals I encounter during my travels, too.

A Travel Hat
Especially during summer travels, I love Janessa Leone’s packable straw hat that doesn’t get destroyed in your suitcase.

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