Florian Joahn’s photographs bridge the erotic and surreal


Fashion photographer Florian Joahn grew up in a remote industrial small town in east Germany. Somewhere in between starting off as graphic designer, moving to Ghana where he worked as a teacher for deaf children, before embarking on a five year art education in Amsterdam to become an installation artist, Florian learnt that fashion photography was his calling. It was a decision that sent him packing his suitcases once again, this time to relocate to London. “Photography is the medium I move the most naturally in and find it the easiest to express myself,” he says. “I have a high respect for fashion design and love the craftsmanship of it, but I also realised that fashion comes to live when you put it in a context, if it is on a person on the street or a model in front of the camera. Those are the moments I am interested in.”

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