Florida Man Uses Recycling Bin as Alligator Capture Device

Florida resident Eugene Bozzi is officially the bravest man in the world. When his Orange County lakeside community received an unwanted visit from an alligator, the quick-thinking Bozzi realized a nearby recycling bin would be a good way to capture it:

I’m stunned at how well it went off, seemingly by accident. You could not design a trap and operating instructions to be this effective. My after-action report:

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1. The alligator clearly does not want to go into the bin, but Bozzi suddenly scoots the bin forward, getting its head inside.

2. Bozzi, who is unable to see the gator from his perspective behind the bin, then swings the lid shut, perhaps thinking the alligator is fully inside the can, when it is not.

3. The arc traveled by the lid causes it to hit the ‘gator in the back. The ‘gator, thinking he is being attacked from behind, then scuttles forward into the bin, allowing Bozzi to close it.

Just perfect timing.

For those worried, the alligator did not appear to suffer any injuries. In the full video here you can see Bozzi wheeling the bin down towards the lake, where he opens the lid. After a few seconds, the ‘gator slithers out and wanders into the underbrush.

Source: core77

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