Flowers Bloom From Dresses In Amy Laskin’s Paintings

From beaded dresses and corsets spring forth various plants and flowers, which can act as a skirt, or a part of the body, such as the legs, the arms, and the head. In this series of paintings, artist Amy Laskin “juxtaposes decorative fashions and organic beauty.”

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Each piece is figurative but non-representational, a decision Laskin shares stems from the idea that “nature is anonymous. She needs no name. She is everything.”

The artist’s studio is located in the Blue Mountains in Jamaica, the place she’s drawn inspiration from since moving to the island as a Peace Corps volunteer years ago. You can find more of Laskin’s work that’s brimming with the flora native to the region on her site and Artsy.

See some of Laskin’s paintings over at Colossal.

(Image Credit: Amy Laskin/ Colossal)

Source: neatorama

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