Flying with the Birds

Tom Scott spends a large part of his time researching esoteric but fascinating niche subjects, but occasionally he gets to do something really fun that makes up for all of that work. In this video, he’s in France, flying around in a microlight plane along with a flock of geese. Along the way, we learn the story of pilot Christian Moullec, who escorts endangered migratory birds in order to introduce them to better destinations for their health and safety -and for the earth’s biological diversity. Moullec finances his avian conservation work by taking tourists on flights booked through his website. Add that to your bucket list! The story of Moullec’s work with migratory birds is told on the “about” page.

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This video contains subtitles because it’s in French and English, but the English audio is often incomprehensible due to Tom flying around while he speaks. Apparently he couldn’t do a take two to correct that, or else it couldn’t be corrected.

Source: neatorama

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