Folding Displays Double in Size, But Samsung Makes One That Can Triple

With current technology, folding displays can either fold inwards (i.e. mating the screen surfaces) or outwards (mating the back surfaces). Either operation effectively doubles the screen real estate.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3

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Huawei Mate Xs

No manufacturer can yet make a screen that folds both inwards and outwards along the same hinge. But Samsung has figured out to make a screen that can fold both ways along separate hinges. This means that they can triple the screen size, as compared to the object in its folded-up form:

Right now it’s just a proof-of-concept and not part of a production model; it’s being displayed by Samsung at the 2021 International Meeting on Information Display conference in Korea. But “The day we carry smartphones like a [powder compact] or wallet,” the company writes, “is coming soon!”

Source: core77

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