For a Tiny Apartment, an In-Floor Built-In Storage System

Earlier we looked at Danish company Dolle’s in-ceiling storage system, deeming it ideal for tall people who live in small apartments with high ceilings.

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That system’s opposite is perhaps this Hong Kong apartment, designed by Sim-Plex Design Studio, with copious storage built into the floor. More precisely, the floor of the main room has essentially been lifted to meet the windows, which not only provides a feeling of floor-to-ceiling windows, but adds a lot of storage space underfoot via removable panels.

A table with a motorized lift has been incorporated near the window.

There’s also a track in the floor to accommodate a room divider that unfurls from the wall.

The child’s bedroom (here using the mother as the model, presumably for privacy reasons) also has a partially raised floor, which doubles as seating for the built-in desk.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

The storage might not seem terribly convenient to access, but we should point out that this apartment is just 492 square feet and houses a couple, their son and occasionally the boy’s grandmother. When you can’t go up and you can’t go out, going down is the only option.

Source: core77

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