For Christmas 2020, Watch a Dumpster Fire for an Hour

Sitting in front of a fireplace on a cold winter night is one of the special joys of winter life. Yule log videos are a substitute for those of us who lack a functional fireplace. You can try videos with Lil Bub the cat, Nick Offerman, or the corpse of Darth Vader.

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But this is 2020.

So it’s more appropriate that this dumpster fire of a year feature a dumpster fire celebration. That’s why AM/FM, an advertising agency in Edmonton, Alberta created this symbolic view of the year with Christmas carols playing softly in the background. The materials burned are themselves representative of 2020: CTV News quotes a partner in the agency:

“We filmed it for an hour straight and just threw stuff in a watched it burn,” said Anderson. “It was interesting for sure.”

Each of the 2020-related items were handpicked by the team and had its own backstory.

“Struggling with puzzles, not wearing ties, the White Claw craze. They were all just little inside things I think that our team shared and went through and it was a good laugh for all of us,” said Anderson.

“The sourdough starter was hilarious to me because I couldn’t get mine started for the life of me.”

-via Dave Barry

Source: neatorama

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