For Delicate Work, Use the Best Pliers for Wire Work and Jewelry

A good pair of pliers is an essential tool for wire work and jewelry projects and an excellent addition to any hobbyist’s or professional’s tool kit. Whether you need a precise tool for gripping delicate wires, closing a pesky jump ring, or creating perfect loops, pliers are the answer. While there are numerous shapes and styles, the three types we’ve rounded up here— needle-nose, square, and split-ring—fulfill a plethora of crafting needs. Needle-nose pliers have a long, serrated tip that’s ideal for gripping and closing hard-to-reach wires. Square pliers are used to make uniform square jump rings on your jewelry. And split-ring pliers, with their pointed jaws and hooked tips, are perfect for keeping stiff loops open as you work. To help you find the perfect tool for your wire work and jewelry, peruse our list of top picks.


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