For Sale: <i>The Shawshank Redemption</i> Bible

In the glorious ending of The Shawshank Redemption, Warden Norton realizes that Andy Dufresne has not only escaped from prison, but trapped him in his own. He opens his safe and finds Andy Dufresne’s Bible inside. It’s inscribed with a simple message:

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Dear Warden,

You were right. Salvation lay within.

Andy Dufresne

Norton turns to the Book of Exodus, where pages have been hollowed out to hide Andy’s rock hammer–the one that he used to tunnel out of the prison.

That prop Bible used in the film will go on auction on November 3. Fine Books Magazine expects that it will sell for perhaps $115,000-$172,000 USD. That sale will also feature the prop newspaper that breaks the story about Warden Norton’s corruption.

-via John Overholt | Photo: Propstore Auction

Source: neatorama

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