For Sale: Red Oak Seven-stick Comb-back Chair

This seven-stick comb-back chair was built using red oak during my most recent chairmaking class. It is being offered at a discount because of a couple small cosmetic issues (which most people will not notice).

This chair is one of my newer designs, which uses a four-piece arm (for stability) and a thin shoe, which streamlines the look by removing visual bulk from the arm. It also is one of the most comfortable chairs I make.

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This chair is set up for general use. The back leans 12° off the seat, and the seat is tilted 3°, so the back leans 15° off the floor. The seat is 16-3/4″ above the floor, which is a good height for most sitters. Overall, the chair is 38-1/2″ tall and there is 19″ between the arms. 

Like all my chairs, the joints are assembled with hide glue and oak wedges, so the joints are strong but can be easily repaired by future generations. The red oak is finished with a home-cooked linseed oil/wax finish that has no poisonous solvents. The finish offers low protection, but it is easy to repair by the owner with no special skills or tools.

As to the cosmetic defects: One of the tenons in the seat has a small bit of chip-out. Also, I had to ream slightly one of the mortises in the underside of the armbow. You’ll never notice this unless you turn the chair upside down. Neither of the defects affect the chair’s structure or comfort. 

Purchasing the Chair

This chair is $1,200 and is being sold via a drawing. (I’m sorry but the chair cannot be shipped outside the U.S.) If you wish to buy the chair, send an email to [email protected] before 3 p.m. (Eastern) on Friday, Jan. 27. In the email please use the subject line “Red Oak Chair Sale” and include your:

  • First name and last name
  • U.S. shipping address
  • Daytime phone number (this is for the trucking quote only)

Shipping options: You are welcome to pick up the chair here in Covington, Ky., and also get a free yardstick and pencil. I am happy to deliver the chair personally for free within 100 miles of Cincinnati, Ohio. Or we can ship it to you via LTL. The cost varies (especially these days), but it is usually between $200 and $500.

— Christopher Schwarz


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