For Silky Knits, Here Are the Best Alpaca Yarns

What’s as soft as cashmere and as heavy as wool? Alpaca yarn! With a silky texture that feels good against the skin, alpaca yarn also provides excellent stitch definition, making it a great choice for projects that call for cable knits. Alpaca is hypoallergenic and a good alternative for those allergic to wool. It is also a hollow-core fiber, meaning it keeps you warmer than wool in low temperatures while still being able to breathe. Be advised, however, that this hairlike fiber is less springy than wool, so it is important not to knit it too loosely—once stretched out of shape, an alpaca garment cannot be blocked back to its original form. There are a lot of alpaca yarns to choose from, so be sure to pick the right one (and the right amount of it!) for your project. Browse our selection of the best options below.


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