Forgotten digital Warhol art found on floppy disks

The Andy Warhol Museum has recovered a series of computer generated images from an old floppy disk created by Andy Warhol using a Commodore Amiga computer. The images were discovered after someone saw a Youtube video of Warhol using the Amiga in a 1985 commercial to make digital art.

After some research by the Warhol Museum’s chief archivist, a number of Amiga floppy disks with images on them were found. The images include doodles, photographs and experiments and all are characteristically Warhol. The art includes a roughly sketched iconic Campbell soup can and a self-portrait.butdmk3ngofnzuintkkc xt01fdrydzlw6tbf5etb x9tryg0u34iqssr93r9a

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