Form Factor Fun for Lightweight, Rechargeable Visibility Safety Lights for Pedestrians and Cyclists

As Volvo can attest, Sweden is known for safety-promoting design. Something else the country is known for, but less discussed, is darkness; being that far north, some regions barely get a few hours of daylight during winter. Hence the existence of Bookman Urban Visibility.

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“Bookman draws on the heritage of Swedish safety-conscious brands but also finds inspiration in the traditions of minimalistic, functional Scandinavian design and innovative technology,” the company writes. “And, coming from the land of polar nights, with 24 hours of darkness, each product must live up to the highest standards.”

The company has designed a line of small, simple, waterproof and rechargeable illumination sources that help cyclists and pedestrians be seen more easily at night. The forms are fun and varied, as if you asked an ID class to wrap LEDs in a variety of shapes:

Eclipse, $30

Block Light Front, $25

Lightstick, $25

Lightstick Kids, $25

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Curve Front Light, $45

Curve Rear Light, $45

You can see more of their stuff here.

Source: core77

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