Form Follows Function: This Simple Rope Connector

You could be forgiven for thinking these cast aluminum pieces are trivets…

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…but in fact they’re rope connectors.

The friction of the ropes hold them in place. These doodads are a knot-free way to make a climbing net, like you’d see at a playground (or perhaps at the American Ninja Warrior obstacle course your deluded neighbor built in his backyard to practice on because winning the show seems to offer more of a spiritual payday than continuing to work as a claims collector).

There are alternative designs, in machined steel and molded plastic. These designs allow the ropes to bypass each other.

Subjective: I think the Celtic-looking design up top is better looking. Objective: The alternative designs don’t lock the rope in place during assembly. Depending on how you’re putting your net together, that could be a plus or a minus. Discuss with your neighbor.

Source: core77

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