Former Automotive Designer Creates Combination Bicycle-Paddleboard

Industrial designer Josep Rubau, who holds a Masters in automotive design and cut his teeth at Volkswagen’s Advanced Design Center, subsequently designed the Tramontana supercar.

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Where do you go after that? Interestingly, Rubau took an 8-year hiatus from design to become the Export Sales Director for a Spanish forging machinery manufacturer. Eventually he got the idea of combining his two passions: The ocean, and cycling. Rubau then designed a combination bicycle/paddleboard, quit his sales gig and founded Red Shark Bikes.

Rubau’s creation consists of a frame to support a seat and handlebars placed atop a paddleboard. Pedals drive a propeller beneath the board, and the pedal power is augmented by an electric motor.

As you’ve probably guessed, you don’t lean to turn; instead the handlebar is connected to a rudder.

The bike-like parts break down, so that you can transport it by car, with the board up on a roof rack.

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You can even carry passengers.

You can choose between different motor options, from 150 up to 250 watts, and the top-of-the-line Adventure model comes with cargo nets fore and aft, saddlebags and a fishing rod holder.

I have to say, riding one of these looks pretty freakin’ magical:

Source: core77

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