Formlabs' Gigantic, Large Format 3D Printer Available for $1,000 Off

This is the Form 3L, Formlabs’ large-format 3D printer:

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The image above is deceptive–it doesn’t give you a sense of how big this thing is. Here’s what it looks like with a person next to it:

As you can see, the 3L has a gigantic build area (specifically, 11.8″ high, 13.2″ wide and 7.9″ deep). To maintain accuracy and speed over such a large area, Formlabs uses a technology called LFS, for Low Force Stereolithography, which they say reduces the forces that would compromise the aforementioned desirable traits. There’s a brief look at the system in the video below:

What really struck me about the machine is the price. If you told me the 3L costs in the $20,000 range, I wouldn’t bat an eye. Instead it’s going for $10,999 when it goes on sale on September 15th (shipping Q4 2020), but the company’s offering $1,000 off for pre-orders.

With an effective price of $9,999, and a build area that large, I’m expecting more than a few design firms will be taking the leap on this one.

Source: core77

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