Four Bites Branding by Studio Nous

“Four Bites” is a unique Fujian cuisine concept restaurant located in Central, Hong Kong. By combining life and art culture with food, “Four Bites” creates an experience that is multi-sensory and Satiating on four levels: physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual.

Studio Nous was commissioned to work on a suitable design for their brand identity. Fresh and youthful neon orange is the perfect color for this brand. The strokes in the logo were designed to resemble Eat noodles with chopsticks, a popular Chinese dish. This gives the logo the essence of traditional Chinese cuisine while still maintaining a modern look.

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The strokes’ curvature creates a sense of movement, sometimes resembling eyes and other times nostrils. This adds an engaging effect to the logo. The menu is designed for bilingual audiences, taking reading direction into consideration by allowing users to read it vertically or horizontally according to their own language preferences.

Four Bites branding by Studio Nous
Four Bites branding by Studio Nous

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