Franja Partisan Hospital

During World War 2, when Slovenia was under Nazi occupation, the country’s resistance movement built a large number of hospitals hidden in the forest to take care of the wounded. These hospitals were often built in hard to reach areas of the woods, in gorges and in caves, in order to keep them out of reach of the enemy, who actively sought out these medical establishments and destroyed them.

Between 1942 and 1945, there were around 120 partisan hospitals active in Slovenia, giving shelter to more than 15,000 wounded and sick people of various nationalities who were fighting against Fascism and Nazism. Their existence and work were hugely dependent on the support of local inhabitants who helped transport and carry the wounded, organized undisturbed supply of food, medicine and sanitation, and protected the secret of their locations even at the price of their own security.

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Franja Partisan Hospital

Photo: Sl-Ziga/Wikimedia


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