Frank Miller Announces He's Writing A "Superman: Year One" Comic

Frank Miller is one of those comic creators who leaves an indelible mark on any character he writes about, and when well established characters receive a Miller-verse makeover they’re left a bit more depressing.

So it will be interesting to see what Frank Miller does with the Man of Steel’s origin story when the new “Superman: Year One” style comic he just announced is released, especially considering his less-than-flattering portrayal of Supes in The Dark Knight Returns.

Maybe he has discovered a love for Superman’s simplistic-yet-inspiring message of hope and undying goodness, or maybe he’s just looking to twist the superheroic goody-two-shoes into a darker shadow of his former self.

Either way it’s gonna be a fun ride for Frank Miller fans and a bumpy ride for die-hard Superman fans. Here’s the announcement to get your blood pumping one way or the other!

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