Free Shipping on Orders Over $100

Our display of books at tools at our Willard Street office.

In an effort to become a more competent/normal/slightly-more-successful company, we are trying an experiment. For the next couple months we are offering free shipping on all orders more than $100.

If the math works out and we don’t lose our shirts (like selling posters), then we will make this free shipping permanent. If we start to bleed money, we will discontinue it.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

There are no “free shipping” codes to learn or type in. It’s simple. Buy more than $100 worth of stuff, and the shipping will be set to free, automatically.

This obviously means that things such as our Crucible Holdfast, Dividers and Sliding Bevel now ship for free. Plus any combination of books, tools and apparel.

Let’s hope this works for everyone.

— Christopher Schwarz


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