“Freedom” by MAR in Pressigny-les-Pins, France

The Festival LaBel Valette recently took place on the streets of Pressigny-les-Pins in France. Several artists were invited including Brazilian artist MAR.

MAR created this beautiful new piece entitled “Freedom” ( “Liberte” in French ).

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Maximum expression of Freedon in a world driven by power and control.
The hope of waking up on sunny days while living a stormy night.
It’s the lightest and most sublime feeling, because is always born after feeling the strings of a heavy, suffocating cage.
In theory, we are all born free!
But throughout the history of humanity, we witness so many wars and struggles for territorial controls and the right to be and to be free simply disappears.
That’s where freedom comes like a fire burning in the heart, suffocated, desperate for a last breath, fighting for its own survival.
It’s from this freedom that I speak, the birth of a Fenix.
This is my homage to all the individuals who have felt this bird caged, and somehow did everything to free it.

All images by fabe.co

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