French Barber Gives A Homeless Man A Free Haircut, And He Now Looks Like His Celeb Clients

Manners and clothes might make the man, but we can’t forget about the importance of a good, clean haircut, either. A quality cut and a fresh beard trim can make anyone feel like a king or a star, ready to take on the world.

French celebrity barber David Kodat is a miracle worker with a pair of scissors and clippers. Now, he’s being praised left and right on TikTok for giving a homeless man a free haircut and the difference really is like night and day. Check out the magical transformation David wove with his tools below. It was intriguing to watch him work and we can’t wait to hear what you thought, too.

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Bored Panda recently wrote about another homeless man who was found by his family after getting a cut and a shave. You can find his story right here.

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Barber David Kodat gave a homeless man a quality haircut, just like the ones he gives his celebrity clients

You can watch the full transformation video right here

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Here’s what the man looked like before the haircut

The barber got busy with his scissors and clippers

David also trimmed the man’s beard

He looks very handsome now, doesn’t he? Look at that smile

The celeb barber is known both for his skills and his philanthropic work

Image credits: davidkodatofficial

The change really is radical and it’s lovely to see how much the homeless man enjoys his new look. David transformed the man’s mane of long gray hair into a tight and fashionable haircut. Meanwhile, he also gave his unkempt beard, which reached his stomach, a serious trim.

The video was watched over 21.6k times and liked by more than 3k people at the time of writing (but we expect these numbers to get much, much higher).

David the barber has his own hair salon in Strasbourg and has quite a following online. On TikTok alone, he has 136k loyal followers. Meanwhile, on Instagram, he’s got 24k fans eagerly waiting for his newest haircut videos.

Many of David’s videos feature various celebrities, including a lot of professional football players. That’s certainly part of what draws people to his social media profiles. But the other part is the barber’s skills. It’s very satisfying to watch him do precision work on people’s hair.

One thing that stands out, in particular, is the barber’s exceptional ability to create quality fades and to work with very clear-cut lines.

Here’s how some people reacted to the video

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