French Company Develops a Transparent Stand-Up Paddleboard

The visual design of stand-up paddleboards can be pretty garish. Some of the stuff on the market looks like it was designed to be sponsored by Mountain Dew.

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Perhaps the thinking is to make them well visible from overhead, should a rescue plane need to come looking for you. But Loeva, a company out of Biarritz, France, where the water is clear, took a different approach with their boards. Their Le StandUp is made from an unspecified crystal-clear polymer that allows you to see the ocean floor below.

The aluminum-framed board also has LEDs on the underside, for those paddling out at night.

They won’t say what type of plastic it is, just that it’s “almost unbreakable.”

The company plans to have Le StandUp in production by 2021.

Source: core77

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