French Inventor Flies Over English Channel on a Flyboard

After his first unsuccessful attempt, Franky Zapata has finally achieved his goal of crossing the English Channel by flying over it with his “flyboard”. This could be the first time we will ever see a jetpack, or something of the sort, in action and it is quite exciting to see how this new invention will shape the future of travel.

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He had successfully flown the 35 km stretch in 20 minutes. It has also been reported that Zapata kept an average speed of 140 km per hour (87 mph) while flying at about 15-20 meters above the sea. Last July 25, Zapata attempted the same route but failed when he fell into the water while trying to refuel his flyboard.

The flyboard is a home-made invention by Zapata, a former jet-ski champion, that looks like a flying skateboard. Zapata has been building his flyboard for years. The invention can reach top speeds of as much as 189 km per hour (118 mph).

(Image credit: Zapata)

Source: neatorama

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