French Titles of American Movies Are in English

Juan at Twitter… excuse me, X, tells us how French movie distributors often change the title of an American movie. But the new title is still in English. Why? It appears that they are trying to make it more clear what the movie is about, although the French moviegoer would have to know some English to see that. Juan gives ten examples in the Twitter X thread, many of which are so straightforward they are just “Sex” plus whatever makes the movie different from the next feature.

Those are followed by many contributions in the comments, although some are real and some are jokes and parodies of the idea. We find out that The Hangover in Portuguese is titled If You Drink, Don’t Get Married, and in Hebrew, it’s On the Way to the Wedding, We Stop in Vegas. One contribution from the comments was how the French version of Cool Runnings was called Rasta Rockett. See the original ten examples and some highlights from the X thread at Bored Panda.

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PS: Even though Twitter is currently rebranded to X, the transformation seems to be quite incomplete. Posts are still called Tweets and you go to Twitter Publish to get the embed code.

Source: neatorama

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