Fresh Peas vs Frozen Peas: Which is Better?

Green. Round. Crispy shells. Yum. These are some of the things to appreciate of fresh peas. But when used in cooking, there are a lot of variables to be considered to make a fresh pea tasty. Frozen peas, on the other hand, are frozen at the peak of their ripeness, and you only need to defrost before you cook them. They are more dependable in the kitchen. At least, this is what Anna Stockwell stated.

There are too many variables that have to be just right in order for a fresh pea to actually taste good, and often they’re just starchy and mealy and not sweet.

I recently tried to make a spring chowder with fresh English peas in it, and the soup was a weird, mushy mess until I switched to frozen sweet peas. My first go at this braised leeks and peas dish for Easter was a disaster because I tried to be fancy and use fresh peas—and again once I switched to frozen peas, everything was better.

I’ve been disappointed by fresh peas so many times, in fact, that I’ve decided to go ahead and declare my loyalty to Team Frozen Peas henceforth. Frozen peas, which are always picked and flash-frozen at the exact peak moment of ripeness, will never let you down. A bag of frozen peas (here’s a list of our favorite ones) can sit in your freezer for months and still taste delicious, crisp, and sweet when you defrost them.

Unfortunately, Anna does not evaluate the third contender for the best type of peas: canned peas.

Anyway, which do you think is better? Let’s keep the discussion peas-ful.

(Image Credit: Chelsea Kyle)

Source: neatorama

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