Friday Five with Miriam Fanning of Mim Design

To celebrate Women’s History Month, every Friday in March we’ll be featuring women in the design world in our Friday Five column.

Friday Five with Miriam Fanning of Mim Design

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Since 2000, Miriam Fanning has been the principal interior designer for the multidisciplinary studio, Mim Design, an award-winning practice she founded in the South Yarra suburb of Melbourne, Australia. The studio handles high-end residential, hospitality, hotel, and retail projects not only throughout Australia, but New York and Los Angeles, where the team of 25 gives the clients what they want along with the unexpected. Pulling from her time working overseas and traveling around Europe and the United States, Fanning brings her worldly experiences and creativity to each project, along with her keen attention to detail, which can be seen throughout the studio’s popular Instagram feed. This week’s Friday Five delves into the prolific designer’s favorite things, including a designer, a product, and an iconic house.

1. Stahl House
I visited the Stahl House a couple of years ago and I was completely overtaken by its simple proportion and strength in architectural statement. The Stahl House is a case study house (#22) designed by Pierre Koenig, built in 1959. This project perched high on the Hollywood Hills overlooking Los Angeles was an absolute treat to visit.

2. Natural Stone
I love and use a lot of natural stone. I find the product fascinating as each piece is unique and much like artwork in my eyes. Stone can be strong and bold, such as the Viola Calcutta (above) or soft and sinewed. I love that it can be chiseled, polished, hammered or honed for differing effects. Stone, to me, is an absolute “go to” on a project. I’m not a fan of reproduction stone at all!

Photo copyright Max Zambelli for Mutina

3. Patricia Urquiola
I am a huge fan of Spanish born Patricia Urquiola. As a designer and a woman, she has pushed the boundaries in the manufacturing and design world. Her design focuses on Modern Industrial design melding with a distinct handmade quality. Patricia Urquiola is all about the craft of detail; whether it’s through furniture, interior or homewares.

4. Colour & Art
Art is something I hold very dear to my heart. I love colour and form. Phillip Low’s ‘Refractions’ are sculptures formed from acrylic that visually change colour and form through acrylic light prisms. Phillip, a New York based artist, has mastered the art of reflection and refraction.

5. PP225 Flag Halyard Chair by Hans J Wegner
One of the most comfortable chairs I have ever sat in. Comprising of a solid stainless steel frame and 240 meters of straw flagline, the chair was developed in 1950 when Hans J Wegner dug a hole in the sand to create a comfortable seat to watch his children play on the sand.

Source: design-milk

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