Friday Five with Stacy Garcia

Friday Five with Stacy Garcia

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There are busy designers and then there’s Stacy Garcia, a visionary creative and entrepreneur who founded textile supplier LebaTex, Inc., licensing firm and design house Stacy Garcia, Inc., and digital design publication But that’s not all! The design expert has also launched a series of lifestyle brands, including Stacy Garcia | New York, Stay by Stacy Garcia, and Stacy Garcia Commercial, where she’s partnered with leading manufacturers around the globe to create products for resorts and homes covering everything imaginable from the floor to the ceiling. When not designing, Garcia is a go-to forecaster on color and design trends, a seasoned speaker, and a chair holder of the Color Marketing Group, the premier association for color design professionals. In her Friday Five, the busy design leader takes us through an eclectic list of favorites, including vintage finds, a charity, and wigs. Read on to see the reasons why.

Photo Credit: Mitchell’s Vintage Shop, Palm Springs

1. Vintage Wares
Whether it’s hats, jewelry or fun clothing pieces, I love wearing vintage! On a recent trip to Palm Springs during Modernism Week, I stopped into Mitchell’s Vintage shop for a bit of retail therapy. If you’re lucky enough, Mitchell himself will be there to show you all of his vintage wares: from stylish clothing to groovy accessories. During my visit, I found gorgeous Renauld Framed Glasses that I adore! The best part of these glasses is that they were re-glazed and ready to go, so I get the fashion of the past with modern UV protection. Mitchell’s is a shop not to miss if you are ever in Palm Springs.

Photo Credit: Stacy Garcia

2. My Passport
Traveling feeds my soul! I feel that international travel opens up people’s minds and perspectives. It’s the best way to build bridges between cultures and cultivate new friendships. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to many different countries. One of my favorite recent trips was to Morocco where the vibrant colors and rich flavors opened up my mind and inspired some of my latest collections.

Photo Credit: Women’s Health Run 10 Feed 10

3. Run 10 feed 10
Run 10 Feed 10 is close to my heart. It’s a charity race with the simple concept of running 10 miles to feed 10 hungry people in your hometown. All of the money raised benefits the FEED Foundation. Each year I head to New York City (and drag my husband along with me) to run for this cause. It feels great to give back to my community while doing something I love. Click here to donate.

Photo credit: Don Agnello

4. Wigs
What first began as an obsession with hats, turned into an obsession with wigs. What’s better than being able to play dress up everyday? I have a blast trying on different looks, and mixing and matching them with my eclectic wardrobe. I don’t settle for just one look. My collection of wigs is ever growing; and includes everything from hot pink tipped hair to a lavender bob. So, each morning while getting ready, I ask myself, how much fun do I want to have today?

Photo Credit: The Greatest Showman

5. A good movie with my children
Whether it’s at the theater, or from the comfort of my home, I love watching a good movie with my four children! It’s not always easy to find a movie we can all enjoy together, but we recently watched “The Greatest Showman” and I’ve been on a kick ever since. The cinematography was phenomenal and the soundtrack had us singing along. I was so interested that the film showcased the loose history behind famed showman, PT Barnum. He was such an inspirational character!

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